We are 12A & 80G Certified NGO.

Aao Sath Maa -Women Empowerment Program

"To educate girls is to reduce poverty." - Kofi Annan

A program to educate and train women to help them become financially independent.
To create support system for a child in the house, we involve their mothers as well. With our dual generation approach women of the house is also trained so that the child stays in school and the mother take responsibility of teaching and training the child. Our program focuses on expanding Women’s Economic Opportunities, Increasing Women’s rights and securities, and advancing women’s community participation. We believe that women are powerful and free,but she was not where she should be. A cage is no place for them. They are spiritually and practically intertwined. This program provides basic education, English language training, Computer and Financial literacy. It also builds self-esteem and confidence. Studies show that empowering women is the key leverage points needed to transform the cycle of poverty. And the key leverage point for empowering women is transforming their beliefs from I can’t to can.
We are proud to create:

I started my tailoring business after I learnt basics of financials. I started saving and within six months I saved enough to buy a sewing machine. The course has given me new hopes since I am from a small village in Bihar and Delhi is difficult to survive but I am here for my children’s education. I feel confident and now I also contributes in my children education.
Malka Begum​
I came to India from Nepal after my marriage. Due to financial crisis at my home I never got the chance to study. Although it took me time to learn but my trainers were very patient with me. After the completion of my basic IT course I have started working a retail store for data entry job.
Tulsi Bansal
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