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Anchal Andrews

Anchal Andrews – the True epitome of Women Leadership

Founder and CEO, SkillMaker Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Years in Business 5 years
WEBSITE URL www.theskillmaker.com

Till today we live in a male-dominated world. I am not a feminist though I do stand up for when there are lost opportunities by the sheer point of being a woman. I didn’t want to be controlled as a woman in such a society, so I received fewer pains when I started the business and capitalized on every opportunity I found or created.

With over 15 years of work experience before starting the business, I realized that I enjoyed every time I was asked to Train and Develop Teams. My passion has always been to bring positive change and development in people. Even though Training was just one of my deliverables during employment, I believed that if I focused my mind on development then this would bring profitability to Clients and in turn add value to SkillMaker Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

SkillMaker Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Is a business consultancy with a focus on Training and Development in the areas of applied soft skills and frontline process. We believe in 80% participation of our delegates supported by 20% slides through our Training Programs; therefore we make sure that our delegates can use the applied skills transferred.
Other than training delegates in the last 5 years within; increasing profitability of our clients by 15% to 26% per quarter; I have also published a book for the professional development called ‘Beyond Frontline Excellence’ with Partridge a Penguin Random House Company.

While the men around me refused to give me respectful support, my father was the only male who stepped forward and partnered with me in the business. He didn’t create opportunities for me in terms of getting new business because he wanted me to take the lead and make SkillMaker a success on my own. However, he extended his attention to the area of me being a woman and how I can use feminine qualities to earn utmost respect. He taught me a lot!
My Mentors have been my mother and father. No one else could meet that benchmark to give me the advice I required. At the time of deciding, I would ask their inputs and take a decision that I would be comfortable with and to see things through.
No one knows the answer to ‘what if’. Though we can all make the best of ‘what is’. I can’t predict how things would have been, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way since this journey has made a strong, confident and compassionate woman.
The greatest challenge I faced was that the men I helped in over 15 years of work experience, didn’t extend their due support when I was setting up the business, AT ALL! No one, other than one of my visionary employers in the Middle East – The Al Habtoor Group, wanted SkillMaker to be their vendor, and they were my first Client.

Men can do better in supporting women if they did, perhaps, roles would change. Men would be the homemakers and women would be the bread earners.

LJJ and We Connect are noble for what they do and educative to many. This kind of initiative is needed in male-dominated economies. It is these initiatives that can change the world of the better, and I am glad to be associated with them.
To do (action) as much as required for the right cause. Never leave a stone unturned.

Some awards and Achievement
• Biglions Society Award – All India
• Junior News Dubai: Quoted as a Wiz in the Arts
• Environmental Action Award Dubai: Emirates Environmental Group
• Awarded Gold in Dubai: For Individual Thought in The Arts
• Gulf News Dubai: Quoted For Individual Thought In The Arts
• In Banking: was tagged the ‘star performer’
• Top CRM Award: As Top Client Relationship Manager World Wide, via a leading financial services company.

My message for all the women in Business is that don’t let anyone shake your confidence in yourself! This is the core of having a clear self-concept. It is a clear self-concept that makes your business a success and takes it to the heights it can be for the future.

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