Laxmi got married in a well to do family. After a few years of marriage when she informed her family of her desire to work she was cast out by her family.Now after 15 years of marriage, she has lost all her confidence and self esteem and due to her lack of skills she became […]



Jyoti lost her parents at very early age. Circumstances never allowed Jyoti and her elder brother to live their dreams.Both had to drop from school and started working for a living. Petty jobs were not good enough; her low qualification never let her explore any good opportunities. She was cheated by many and lost a […]

Malka from Bihar


Malka came to Delhi a year ago from a very small village of Bihar. She has two daughters and she could not even read or write, but the moment she got to know about our program, she came to us and shared her desire to study. Malka did not want her daughters to lead the […]

Mrs. Meena Bokolia

Mrs. Meena Bokolia A girl with a beautiful heart and lovely thought process named Mrs. Meena Bokolia , age 35 year, is trying well to cope with her circumstances . Though this is the toughest task I suppose, which she with a big smile on her face every time has made so easy to digest […]

Shweta V, founder of Lets Be Fit

About ME I was overweight and was looking desperately to lose weight being full time mother of 4 year old son I was unable to go for gym or walk. I used to keep on searching on internet for tips and advice for weight loss and try it on our body but sooner I realise […]

Shobha Patondiya: Story of Success

shobha patondiya

A simple housewife who, despite difficult circumstances in life, always wanted to put her best to make her family happy and improve. In spite of being a strong pillar and major contributor in the family, she never focused on what she wanted from her life. She never went to school and could not read or […]

68 is not the age to stop Learning

Krishna is a 68-year-old housewife. She never went to school, even in her childhood. She had 4 children, 2 daughters, and 2 sons. Soon after, she realized that education is important in order to not depend on anyone else. Through Lakshya, Krishna found ASMA Program, an opportunity which she grabbed in a heartbeat. After her first few […]