Feed The Needy During COVID-19 Lockdown


“It was a normal day for us during lockdown and we were in conversation with our students to engage them in online classes, suddenly one of our students broke down and shared she is having food crises at home as her father is stuck in Haryana who was working as a labor there. Since most of the parents of our students are daily wagers and they were highly impacted by the lockdown so we decided to be in action. We started with our own students and didn’t realized when we started supporting 5000 meals per day with the support of individuals who joined us in the mission. What we found during these days we were flowing with need of an hour and a lot of people asked us if this is mission drift for the organization, we say this is an emergency response for humanitarian crisis and it’s our responsibility as a human being to take care of our fellow citizens

                              – Founders of Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti    

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is a social enterprise working in Education and Skill Training sector since 2009. At Lakshya, we run four main programs. One is an after-school support program called Eklavya where we support school students from 1st to 12th standard by engaging them in study buddy, teaching them how to use the Internet, and preparing them for a better future. ‘Aao Sath Maa’ is a women empowerment program that is designed to give them financial literacy, basic education, and IT training. The third is an Employment training program for youth between the ages of 18 and 30 years. Our other initiative is team training in corporates and other organizations. All of these programs run under a theme of Personal Mastery, which is capacity building training to enhance the performance in their respective fields. 

Most of the parents of our students are daily wagers and this is the most challenging time for them. 

None of us have been prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit us all.

Five phases of lockdown and economic slowdown impacted lives of daily wagers, skilled laborers, small vendors, rickshaw pullers, fruits/vegetable sellers, and homeless people. And we decided to be with them at this challenging time.

Communities where relief work was done

Daya Basti slum , Nehru Nagar slum, Zakhira slum, Tank Road, 100 quarters, Shadipur village and numerous homeless people. 

Supporting communities by

    1. 5000 cooked meals per day in highly effected communities
    2. Supporting families with dry grocery kits  
    3. Sanitary pads to women and girls
    4. Spreading awareness about does and don`t to avoid COVID virus spread and social distancing
    5. Distribution of face masks and sanitizers 
    6. Ready to eat food packets to 300 migrants going home by train
    7. Counselling sessions to prevent domestic violence
    8. Engaging women



 We are supporting communities in three ways. Providing cooked meals for laborers, homeless and in slums. Grocery kits to families of daily wagers, vendors and others who need support. Providing ready made food kits to labors going home by road, trains and buses.

  • On 29th March we started our cooked meal distribution campaign from a single kitchen with a small contribution from our friends and family. We were able to serve 160-300 people every day. Later we started to share our food campaign online and with our friends on social media. People came forward to support our initiative and we started to engage with the women we work and enroll them to support our food drive. We are now cooking food in 5 kitchens in our community, supported by our women students who are part of our educational programs. We started with 100 meals per day now we are serving 3000 per day in Daya Basti slum area, Nehru Nagar, Zakhira and numerous homeless people, rickshaw pullers and beggars on roads. 
  • Apart from cooked meals we are also providing Grocery kits to families of daily wage workers. Each kit has 10kg flour, 10kg rice, sanitary pad, 2 types of pulses, cooking oil, 2kg sugar, 1kg Salt, 250gm Haldi, one soap. 200 families got the benefit of grocery families in different areas like Madanpur khadar, Madangiri, Loni dehat, Zafrabad.
  • While working in the communities, we have observed some of the young mothers and girls were not coming out of their houses to collect food. They don’t have proper clothes to wear and now the mensuration become a huge barrier for them to face anyone outside their house. We decided to distribute sanitary pads in this challenging time in these communities. 500 women received sanitary pads in Daya Basti slum and Nehru Nagar.


  • This would not have happened if there was no disparity of financial status in communities. The main agenda of lockdown was to defeat the virus but on the other hand we had to deal with a similar bigger challenge like Hunger. Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti realized the road ahead and adopting few slum areas of Delhi and is on way to build a roadmap and remodel the strategies to combat future development challenges in these communities.
  • We have to live with it, time to become smart and prepare future to win over the situation. We are working on the model of training people living in slum areas. Thumb rules RACE
  • Realize
  • Accept
  • Combat
  • Empathize
  • We intend to empower women and youth of the slum areas in IT skills and necessary job skills
  • Since the world is going online and every citizen of India irrespective of their financial background need to be digitally literate, Lakshya is looking at new opportunities and space to enable underprivileged masses in IT and language skills.

Sangeeta lost her father in a road accident. The only bread earner is her mother, who is a domestic worker, but due to this challenging time she is stuck at her home and now the whole family is struggling for everyday food. We reach such families who need support for the basic needs like food, sanitary pads and other essentials.

We would like to take your support to provide food to these vulnerable families and people who are in immediate need.