Eklavya Program

As per our preliminary survey done a few years back, it has been found that around 40% of the children residing in these locations cannot write and read sentences in English. Around 70-75% of the children have no access to the computer and a big percentage of children cannot think of any career options after completing their education. The disempowering environment both at home and school has a telling effect on the performance of every student.


The theme behind the ‘Eklavya’ program of Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is the story of Eklavya, from the mythology – the self-taught student under the absence of a guru.

This story also brings out a fact, the disadvantage a student with an average pedigree faces in planning his dreams and achieving his potential. Thousands of Eklavya to date are looking for definite guidance that trains them to withstand the competitive environment of the job market.

Self–learning’ is the cornerstone of the Eklavya program. A student that learns on his own teaches oneself trains oneself with absolute diligence and assiduity can rise above another student who is under the shadow of a teacher. Just like Eklavya rose at par with Arjun. We provide an innovative why-based learning model. This, along with English language training, impart necessary life-skills to the students to enable them to succeed in the workplace. We aim to enable students to develop skills in the areas of independent learning, creativity, reflection, and analytical thinking and, thus, become self-reliant.

Students from lower socioeconomic status get support in their Academics with various Personal Mastery workshops and other self-reflection activities.

All our urban centers are located in slums or slum resettlement colonies, which are typically home to migrants. They have received substandard education, no career guidance, and have little or no awareness of what options are available after they have completed school. 


    To create self-expression and confidence in children by creating interest through knowledge-based activities                                

    To Increase Employability and develop every lower socio-economic child into a confident workforce who can see 

    To make them aware of the current needs and global developments.

    To embark each child on a journey of Self Discovery and Self Learning and develop their confidence and competencies level

    To Develop Observation and learning study methodology; to connect work and learning

    To improve the decision-making skills and administrative competence

    To develop the self-driven and resilience learning abilities

Throughout my 7 years of journey from class II to IX with LAKSHYA JEEVAN JAGRITI I had countless opportunities to develop my communication skills, leadership skills through PERSONAL MASTERY workshops which were introduced to us in VI standard Because of which I am successfully participating in every event in my school and my marks have also improved. I want to be a doctor and support my parents.
Anju Singh
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