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We Connect Fellowship

Do you think you’re ready to take on a challenge? Are you ready to make the world a safer and more caring space for children? Are you ready to delve inwards and embark on a journey to discover your authentic self?


About the Fellowship


The one-year immersive Fellowship Program is an intensive  journey that equips aspiring change leaders with the mindset, attitude, and skills needed to cause large-scale social change.

The WE Connect Fellowship is a one-year fellowship program where young people actively learn skills and on-field experience to facilitate social-emotional learning (SEL) programs for children.   

We are working to create Social Emotional Learning leaders who work to create effective, engaging, and inclusive learning spaces for children from marginalized communities.

This is an opportunity to reimagine and discover your passions.


Why WE Connect Fellowship


The fellowship activities are meant to fine-tune your values, and skills and question and reframe some of your notions, stretch you mentally and physically, and build yourself as a future Social-Emotional Leader. It is also your chance to get introduced to another India,  to witness and engage first hand with grassroots innovation of Leadership. In the end, it will culminate in you developing your own action plan, with mentoring from Lakshya.


What is in store for you!! 

  • Immersive learning experiences to work on your personal strengths.
  • A chance to work with different creative tools such as storytelling, poetry, theatre, music, movement, and more to enhance your creativity.
  • Learn to foster collaborations and gain insights on how the collective is the best way to make impact.
  • Gain an understanding of empathy and adaptability by interacting with the cohort of SEL Leaders.
  • Exhaustive exposure leading to opportunities through various workshops, conferences and events.

This is an opportunity to reimagine and discover your passions.


What we are looking for?

  • Belief in the power of human wisdom

  • Good communication skills

  • Inclination towards community work and service

  • Openness to learn

  • Creative thinking

  • Passionate for creative arts

  • An ability to quickly adapt and work in resource-constrained environments

How To Apply


Step 1: You can fill the form online. Check the eligibility criteria and read the FAQs thoroughly before filling out the application. 

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Step 2: Shortlisted applicants will proceed to round II of the selection process. 

Step 3:  Shortlisted applicants from Round II will be called for the final Interview.

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