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Gitika Bhatia

Gitika Bhatia
Managing Director and Chief curator of Aar Gee Group,
25-year Entrepreneur | Visionary | Speaker & Writer | Adviser & Confidante.

AarGee Sourcing Pvt Ltd is the sourcing solution provider to niche players/boutiques in developing countries for Apparel & Textiles, Home Furnishings & Wellness/Fengshui items. We are delivering experience not just service, stories not just product to bring in differentiation in our offerings, personality to our assortment & sustainability to the space.
I have a family business in Apparel manufacturing for 20+ years & I have seen the rises and falls of being brought up in this space. I wanted the voices of small scale manufacturers to be heard. I wanted them to get their fair share. I wanted to act upon the deteriorating condition of retail while uplifting the sources that make it happen. I wanted to be the No. 1 partnered solution for sourcing the products, building stories, optimizing the cost with eco friendly options. I wanted to curate a community of partners in Import/Export.

My dad is a one man army who built an empire & faced its tremors on his own. Fortunately, I began sensitizing to my environment at an early age. So what inspired me was to be the change, I wished to see in the world.
I am blessed with simple, nurturing and understanding parents so I have always got my way with opting for the education, job, or role that I wished to pursue. Professionally, I have been criticized and bogged down a lot probably due to me being young at various occasions. I have also had a tough time finding the right mentors who could add value to my work or knowledge.
My dad who is in Apparel Exports for last 30 years, senior & experienced people at my last company- Trident Limited which is into exports of Home Textiles, have helped me shape my personality and aptitude in a much better way.
I believe I am on the right track, at right age, surrounded by right energies. No regrets, no past to ponder over, only focusing on how I want my future to be.
When it comes to what motivates women and men to start their own businesses, pursuing a passion is the top motivator for 51% of women, but the top motivator for men is to be their own boss (49%).
Hence, dealing with few men, working in parallel or as a subordinate to them, has been quite an eye opener for me. This has made the journey of getting capital, right mentor ship, and authentic partnerships quite difficult.
It’s not much of men’s role than it is of women. I just want men to let women be. Let them be carefree from being let down/pushed aside/pulled back, let them be themselves at boardroom meetings or in social circles; just let them be.
Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is helping in breaking the stereotypes and leading the community towards liberation of women from oppression and domination prevailing in our society for years. WOMEN Entrepreneurs Connect – INDIA is encouraging women to dream. This is very much important because-
Mind is wonderful as you liberate it,
Purpose is meaningful as you live it,
Aspirations are impactful as you breathe life into it,World out there is beautiful as you infinitely imagine it!!

Only about 9% of the country’s startup founders are women. I want the numbers to go up. I would love to see a community wherein energy is synced and every woman is channeling the same energy to fulfilling their desires. I want society to finance, support and celebrate Women entrepreneurs.
My message for all the women is that
Be Yourself: Women take their heart to work.
Be Unstoppable: Be the Sun, the Cloud, the Tree, and the Water
Be open to seeking support from other women

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti Support Marginalized Women To Be A Role Model In The Country.

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