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Jyoti lost her parents at very early age. Circumstances never allowed Jyoti and her elder brother to live their dreams.
Both had to drop from school and started working for a living. Petty jobs were not good enough; her low qualification never let her explore any good opportunities.

She was cheated by many and lost a good amount of money which she had saved for her education. Jyoti lost all her confidence and her brother has a lot of expectations from her.
Jyoti started a series of workshop with us, where she started working on her development and also learned the English language. She took the initiative to enroll in the School of open learning.
Jyoti has now a full time job while still pursuing her studies. She has the dream of one day buying her own house and started saving money for that purpose. Training gave her the confidence she needed and fueled her motivation to go after her dreams.

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti Support Marginalized Women To Be A Role Model In The Country.

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