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Mirza Hina Khan

Mirza Hina Khan is a successful Yoga-entrepreneur .Recently; she has been awarded and honored by India Islamic culture association for Noble causes and woman entrepreneur in Delhi/NCR.

After my first baby delivery I had faced so many health issues. I suffered a lot, one day read about yoga and its benefits so I decided to join a diploma in holistic Health and Nutrition. After that I practiced yoga every day and felt it was working on me. I took inspiration and I became a business woman. I want to create and awareness that people can be healthy along with yoga and good life style.

I lived in a Muslim community where people specially women, didn’t know about yoga miracle and to promote this in women community about benefits of yoga I started yoga classes at my home free of cost. At the initial stage of 3 months only 2 people were enrolled but now I am running my own studio and diet clinic.
My venture SOUL Fitness Studio is giving a unique combination of Health and fitness. Our wellness Programs caters corporate, Women, Senior Citizens, NGO`s and Health clinics. We treat people who are suffering from problems and diseases with yoga and diet.
My husband is my backbone. He supports me at every stage.
I didn`t received any mentoring but I have no regret because I learned by experience. Sometimes I felt it that it is very difficult for a woman to survive as an entrepreneur in this male dominated society but I took it very positively, being a woman we have lots of patience.
If you have any support and encouragement from man then we are very lucky but it doesn’t mean that Woman is nothing without man. If you have courage and talent then nobody will stop you.

It`s good that Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is empowering women and they are an inspiration for the society. WE Connect is really a good initiative. These kinds of initiative boosts our encouragement and give strength of our dreams.
Lakshya haunslo ko udaan dega
yeh is society mei apni jagah banaega
Real stories logo k honsle badhaegi

My message to all women is that woman has own power. Our simplicity, our patience our inner strength is the key of our success. Give respect to yourself and your dreams. You will never fail

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