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Mrs. Meena Bokolia

Mrs. Meena Bokolia

A girl with a beautiful heart and lovely thought process named Mrs. Meena Bokolia , age 35 year, is trying well to cope with her circumstances . Though this is the toughest task I suppose, which she with a big smile on her face every time has made so easy to digest for herself as well as for others.

She is so UNIQUE in her own that after knowing about her everyone would say that, there is NO GIRL LIKE HER. Why so? You must be thinking why am I so confident about this girl only? The reason behind this is so simple, that you will be able to make out just in a few minutes.

So let us begin our conversation with Meena who has a golden heart. She got married happily and luckily got a loving and caring family. So it is applicable to state here that ‘intuition is seeing with the soul’, God looks at everything and rewards you accordingly. Her husband was loving and supportive too. . Was!!!  Seem to be shocking here!  Yes, a big and a very big shock just after one and a half year of her marital life, when her daughter was just ten and a half month old, her husband – a very noble and kind man passed away due to sudden heart attack . . . . .

And she is left with no words to explain to her little one “where is her father gone?” As time flies, she was growing slowly and gradually and now she is four plus. Asking her mother one day looking at her father in her family photo to take her to that particular place so that she can meet her father and bring him back home ! ! ! How to explain this little angel that GOD too needs good people like her father to spread goodness where they are sent after their re-birth . . .

Getting depressed after her life partner’s sudden and shocking death, Meena Ji was supported by her family members like her sister-in-laws, father-in-law and mother-in-law to move on in whichever way she can finds happiness for herself. So from here a fresh chance was there for her to live for her family now. One day she was sitting quietly at her mother’s home which was near to Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti, an Organization working for the women and child development. A few staff members from there organizing a Workshop for all and invited her too. What were they trying to do through this Workshop? Enhancing Self-help, that is the best help one can give to herself and thereafter to the family and then to the Society and so on.  So attending that she was able to find out what she wanted to do, where and how? She joined the foresaid organization as a student and learnt about computers, little later realized to work at the same place in order to make her life better and to serve her family, and got a lot of happiness, self-confidence and the most important a way to lead herself apart from her salary .

A few important Snapshots with here are as under:

A big dream for tomorrow: to get better earning with more determination in work, in order to help her family as her husband was the only son after three married sisters. So she wants to be that helping hand that her husband used to be . . . .

Three must-haves that all females should have :

  1. a)Be self-dependent
  2. b)Never feel low
  3. c)Always try to learn new things other than household work


“Do as per the directions of the supreme lord, GOD and he will direct you to resist”

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