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Tarot reader

I am a professional Tarot Card Reader, an Angel Healer and an intuitive life coach with a mission of helping people. When I read the cards I sense the energy of the person and thus the magic of fortune telling begins.

Through the wisdom of the TAROT, I can help people discover more about their life (present life), bring out that creative spark in them and address the topics of interests (love life, finances, success, projects, etc) all through the wisdom of the TAROT.

I provide readings to people through a variety of mediums, including face to face reading, telephonic conversations, video chats and reading sent via mails. I also conduct reading sessions at corporate events and also provide healings and solutions which are exclusive and custom made as per clients need.

Everybody and anybody needs divine guidance at some point or the other.

Tarot has been my passion and it best suited me to convert my passion into profession. Initially I joined an online portal to channelize my efforts as well as to provide a formal and comfortable environment to my clients. With each passing year overwhelming support and love of my clients inspired me to create my own portal so as to connect with them more intimately.

I believe the ability to control ones destiny can truly be achieved through entrepreneurship and hence i laid the foundation of my own business brick by brick.

I always wanted to help and connect with a person, that’s why I chose Tarot. Now, when I serve people as their guide in finding the most important answers that could help them see things differently and move forward I feel completely satisfied by the end of the day.

Frequent transfers all over India (thanks to my husband’s job) would make me start all over again. Reinventing the circle and shooting to fame at every new place, time and again was my biggest challenge.

It’s a famous saying, “behind every successful man there is a woman”.

I quote it the other way round..” Behind Tarot Rani’s success there are two amazing Men..My Father and My Husband”.

A true believer of Karma and Destiny I am sure I am suppose to be wherever I am right now. I got immense support throughout my personal and professional journey. So no regrets there.

It’s never a cakewalk when you start from scratch. In the Tarot industry I had giants to compete with, wherein the society puts several impediments over women who try to set in a novel trend. I faced no different. No one around me would believe Tarot could earn me a bread leave apart being a autonomous business model. But once I started getting accolades and recognition for my work the perceptions started shifting.

During this Pandemic, unlike other business lines fortune-telling is an all season job. My major challenge in these times is juggling between family and work.

I have shifted my focus majorly on telephonic readings to cater for client’s safety and comfort.

I have heard “a woman alone has power, but collectively they make impact”.

My message to all the women is to raise each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation and can share few laughs on the way as well. Let us join hands!

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