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Personal Mastery Leadership Development For Corporate

Personal Mastery Leadership Development for Corporate/ organizations

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti empowers workforce with Workplace Success Skills. These are the unique skills that will unlock the potential of your team to move towards profitability and reduce turnover. We partner with organizations to address their most critical challenges and transform their organizations. We go beyond traditional consulting methodology, and apply our overtime developed unique model of training the workforce of organization.


Who should attend?
This workshop is ideal for employees and supervisors seeking to build a positive work environment through positive teams
Testimonies from different organizations:
“We get assistance in pulling the staff together and facilitating improved communications all the way around. Your ability to assess and encourage individuals to participate, in spite of shyness or personal distractions, allowed people to contribute without any perceived loss of face. I was proud of all of them as they stood up and articulated issues. I also appreciated your pushing me to think about my motivations and how I engage with our extended family, immediate community.”
Evelind Schecter:
Founder and CEO Warm Hearts Foundation Chiang Mai,Thailand
“We provide career counselling to youth in Kolkata for their bright future. I invited team LJJ for conduct a personal mastery workshops in Kolkata. The participants freely shared their fears and challenges and the best part they felt connected with each other. These workshops created a vision and motivation in the participantsand we hope to have a long-lasting relationship with LJJ team to keep guiding us with their amazing methods.”
Jayant Ghosh
Founder and CEO- Waymark Invincible Foundation Kolkata,India
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