We are 12A & 80G Certified NGO.

From Air Hostess to a Pranic Healer Serving and saving lives of people on board the aircraft now on ground https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXzGqvlBPRdxB3ZZ_w_Eztg
I have been flying with Air India as Air Hostess for last 16 years earning not only a good salary package but having a permanent job until retirement, Flying to and exploring various International Destinations, perks of the job, job security and most importantly ‘Me Time’.

But my journey to the world of Transformation inspired me to step into the world of making a difference in people’s lives.
Whenever I had suffered Physically, Emotionally, Mentally in the past, I had to visit and explore to different places, Doctors, Therapists, Counselors struggling in pain, being lost, in search for answers ; while travelling long distances and focusing more on completing the formalities rather than reaching to the core of the issue.

I desired and wished for a place with the conglomeration of all the therapies under one roof as I had the understanding that no single therapy is complete in itself and that each has its own vital role to play. None can be replaced with another whatsoever.

This platform provides the opportunity for everyone to explore deeper into their self and their being, discovering themselves, their thoughts, the origin of all those, emotions, their patterns, beliefs, their dis-eases, their energy body and the connection to their physical body.

These can be achieved through:
1) Coaching
2) Understanding the metaphysics of their dis-ease. The thought form related to their physical ailment.
3) EFT
4) Pranic Healing
5) Ho’oponopono & its Tools
6) Access Consciousness Tools
7) Running Head Bars and Body Processes
8) Meditations/Visualizations
9) Nature Cure
10) Yoga & Pranayama

The challenges I did and do face are being a Mother of 2.8 yrs old and 1.8 yrs old now, I get very little time to invest time in my work. I have to find out time to work during early hours of the day or late night or sometimes throughout the night.
There are lots of people who supported me and are available for me anytime anywhere not only my parents and Husband but had a group of Mentors who mentored me.My list of mentors are quite long DR Rakesh Mahajan , Shashi mahanjan ,MR Inder Bagga sir, DR Piyush saxena ,MaheshNambiar ,Nidhi Jain, Natasha kukreja , Lokesh Gupta and many more.
While setting up my work my only challenge remains with my Family Profession. I belong to a family of Doctors.
The difference in the Beliefs and Practices and trust in Nature Cure remedies as primary medium becomes a challenge.
And yet we respect each others’ domain of practices and Degrees and work in Unison.

This COVID time I utilized as a development and growth time for me and my Family. The way I have grown myself as a Human Being, a personality, a person is multifold. I learnt, practiced, and implemented a lot of values in me.
And the best way to sustain in this challenging time Just believe in the System, Divinity and Only Good will happen to you. There is no strategy. Live in the Present. Live in the moment.
You already are a leader, keep inspiring people with your leadership and make others leaders. Empower others and let them be Lions and Lionesses of their lives. You, as a woman Anyways Rule.

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti Support Marginalized Women To Be A Role Model In The Country.

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