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Shweta V, founder of Lets Be Fit1
Shweta V, founder of Lets Be Fit2

About ME

I was overweight and was looking desperately to lose weight being full time mother of 4 year old son I was unable to go for gym or walk. I used to keep on searching on internet for tips and advice for weight loss and try it on our body but sooner I realise that I am loosing but my body is feeling weak then I came to know that what I stopped eating is very essential for my body. So, I felt for others who keep on trying other advises on their body without knowing their body. So, I planned to start online platform which is “Online Fitness Experts Newsroom” where people can get right advice from right person. They can get connected to right fitness experts online.

About US

I started up “Lets Be Fit” on March’17 with motive to encourage people to be fit and reach right fitness experts to be healthy. We stand against people trying fitness advises from people experiences to loss weight or be fit and trying the same advices on themselves without knowing their body metabolism and mostly people end up with welcoming few more diseases in their body.

We encourage people “If doctor for your medical ailment then why not to trust fitness experts like dietitian,nutritionist, yoga experts or fitness trainers to make you fit?.

BIG FITNESS MISTAKE: Eyeing and trying others being fit experience to our body

Nowadays people wants to look and feel fit to get a strong stand in society and are very active in social media to grab all the fitness advices and tips. If anyone tweets or posts that he/she lost weight by trying this tips then people blindfold starts attempting that same advice in their body without knowing their body and aftereffects. Most times such fail attempts ends up with new medical ailment welcomed to body and then person reach to Doctor to get rid of it. Get it noted that all body is not same and what works for others to be fit is not necessary that it will also work for other body frame.

If our body has medical ailment we reach specialize doctor but when our body weight gets imbalance due to wrong food then why most people don’t reach specialize community i.e Dietitan/Nutritionist ? If you have Family doctor for all your body ailment then why you don’t go for Family Nutritionist who will guide and control your most important part of day i.e FOOD habit ?
We all well know that 90% of our body illness is due to our bad eating Habits so, Get Alarmed, time to love your body and no trials for your body. Be very selective for your body and right advisor’s hand can only be trusted to take care of your body.

For Fitness Experts like Dietitian, Online Yoga experts:
– We promote their diet plans/articles/recipes/blogs etc online on FB and Instagram using digital technology
– Provide them direct client inquiries/leads

For Fitness Seekers

– One online platform to search for online dietitian within their budget
– Tips/advises/recipes on our FB Page

For more details please visit:-

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/letsbefit2017
Website: www.letsbefit.in

Personal FB Page ID Shweta Vikas

I have around 40 Fitness experts who are creating awareness and raising voice to get people fit and we have served and helped many fitness seekers to get their right fitness coach.

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