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Srishti Sharma

Want to eliminate stress from pure scientific techniques, Meet
Srishti Sharma , Co founder at Human Science,
world’s first technical expert based organization working in ‘stress elimination
TEDx speaker , Speaker at Spark talks and Shethepeople

Stress is a global problem. Even a 7 year old kid is stressed while a 60 year old lady also is, we are targeting 90% of India’s population, males and female from the age of 7 to 65 years. We provide the solution to one of the greatest problem that the mankind is facing i.e. stress, our invented scientific human reformation technique has the power to eliminate stress from a human mind. A single time practice of this technique can remove 60 % of stress from the mind. The idea was generated after realizing how ‘stress’ has become an inseparable part of our lives and how there is not a permanent solution to it.

I have been a personality that usually is not satisfied by things the way they are and always are on my never ending mission to ‘experiment ’. I became serious at the age of 16 and was sure than I want to impact and make a change and since then till now I am glad that I am being able to do good work continuously.
Challenges that I faced personally and Professionally- At the age of 16 , when my parents were expecting me to come up to them and say ‘I want to be a doctor’ , I rather told them that I aspire to be an entrepreneur to which they did not react then much because they thought that’s some ‘part time ’ job I might do but over the years and even today they are somehow not sure if entrepreneurship can actually be a full time career specially for the girls and that’s how we all, especially in India have been taught to look at certain things .
Women in business are not taken up seriously a lot of times, be it at the time of funding, recruitments or at any deal making. I can recall how casually I used to be taken up in my early days where my age and gender was actually not letting a lot of people believe in me. I am grateful to have some of my friends from the startup ecosystem who initially helped me in the early days. I am a curious person and I remember going to various entrepreneurship summits and conferences to learn anything I could, I participated in almost every business plan competition just to sit and see how ideas are generated, validated and then executed.
It took me time to actually believe in myself and the lack of self-belief was surely due to the outer circumstances of the ecosystem despite all the doubting eyes when I was able to bring in actual results and when logic actually overpowered the fear, I accelerated. I recently gave a Ted talk on ‘ladies in business’- the inequality within the equality. Talking about the data, despite having the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, women participation rate is only 14%, India is ranked as 29/31 when it comes to the ease of doing business for the women in a male dominated society.
If the 52% of the total population supports the 14% females in business there shall be definitely more ladies standing in the field. Nowadays there are so many females taking the initiative and supporting other female entrepreneurs but we hardly see men talking and appreciating men.
Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti and WE connect – Kiddos to such initiatives and platforms that hold the vision to empower the women of our nation and our giving them the voices that have been suppressed for years. I feel such initiatives will act as accelerators to all the budding doubtful women entrepreneurs and shall give them the wings to fly and be at the top of their games despite any obstacles because together we stand better and stronger!
Expectations from Lakshya– this initiative will empower millions of women across India and shall make the nation stronger. I am highly obliged to be able to be associated with the platform and have got to know about it. So many ladies and women have so much talent and the desire to do so much more but simply lack the platform and this initiative is rightly doing that.
My message for the ladies in business – To all the hustlers and the fighters out there , remember not to get affected by what the society says , keep believing in your vision and keep setting benchmarks and always help other girls or anyone in whichever way you can

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti Support Marginalized Women To Be A Role Model In The Country.

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