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Nearly 800 million people are illiterate and two-thirds are women and girls.
You have the power to change that. Let`s pledge to educate every woman
Donate to Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti, an NGO in India and support women in Basic education and digital literacy
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An after school support center for students who need additional help with their studies. This program caters school students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. With the help of activities like study buddy and Self Expression and leadership development program, students learn their lessons and engage with each other. Also connect them with world wide web and give them opportunity to explore. The objective of the program is to prevent inconsistent attendance and drop outs. Per day three hours of classes engage them and increase their self-learning abilities. 80% of the students belong to the lower middle class and underprivileged families whose parents are daily wage earners and involved in the professions like rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, domestic-help etc. Due to lack of facilities in the schools and incapacity of their parents to support them in their studies which leads to the basics of these students are very weak.







Vocational skill program developed for youth between the age 18 to 28 years. To match the requirement of industry our youth need to be trained as per the industry need and in order to fulfill that we give them training in IT( Basic IT, Tally, Desktop Publishing etc.) , English language and prepare them for job market. Most of the students in this course are drop outs from schools or pursuing graduation from non-regular college are the focus area of the program. Students come from lower socio-economics status.






Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti empowers workforce with Workplace Success Skills. These are the unique skills that will unlock the potential of your team to move towards profitability and reduce turnover. We partner with organizations to address their most critical challenges and transform their organizations. We go beyond traditional consulting methodology, and apply our overtime developed unique model of training the workforce of organization.