We are 12A & 80G Certified NGO.

Throughout my 7 years of journey from class II to IX with LAKSHYA JEEVAN JAGRITI I had countless opportunities to develop my communication skills, leadership skills through PERSONAL MASTERY workshops which were introduced to us in VI standard Because of which I am successfully participating in every event in my school and my marks have also improved. I want to be a doctor and support my parents.
Anju Singh
After completing my 4-month CCAB (Certified Course in Advance Basic) from Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti I got the job opportunity at Integrated Data Management Company. The course was very relevant to my job and helped me in the most aspects of my work. I am very thankful to the mentors and staff members; they worked on me every time and helped me to get success in my life.
Jitesh Bakoila
I started my tailoring business after I learnt basics of financials. I started saving and within six months I saved enough to buy a sewing machine. The course has given me new hopes since I am from a small village in Bihar and Delhi is difficult to survive but I am here for my children’s education. I feel confident and now I also contributes in my children education.
Malka Begum
I came to India from Nepal after my marriage. Due to financial crisis at my home I never got the chance to study. Although it took me time to learn but my trainers were very patient with me. After the completion of my basic IT course I have started working a retail store for data entry job.
Tulsi Bansal