We are 12A & 80G Certified NGO.

Vocational Skill Training Program

"We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet." – Swami Vivekananda


Youth (15-24 years) in India constitutes one-fifth of the total population (census 2011). India is expected to have a 34% share of youth in the total population. Due to the growing population, the youth in India have been exposed to unemployment, fierce competition in the job market, lack of suitable job opportunities, job sustainability, and overall uncertainty about a sustainable livelihood. Even young people with a college education and multiple degrees face difficulty in getting a job to sustain a decent lifestyle. In this situation, the young people from an underprivileged and marginalized background, who are mostly first-generation learners, are even more susceptible. They are deprived of quality education, skill training, and overall development required in a highly competitive job market. They mostly end up working in the unorganized sector as daily wage laborers or doing unskilled jobs with little opportunity to forge out a decent living. And for young girls and women, the opportunity is even less as gender discrimination is still a reality in Indian society.

How we do it 

Through Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti, we are re-imagining empowerment by creating labor force
participants who are skilled and equipped with 21st-century skills. Also enables agency, and self-expression in young people targeting 1 million youth in the next five years. We envision youth all
over the world, finding their voice, expressing their power, living their dreams, and becoming
leaders in their communities.
We do that through our mastery program which leverages the power of Social-Emotional Learning
and Skills training. So far, we have directly worked with more than 2000 youth (age 18 to 25) who
got trained in IT skills and receive placement support from us.

We are providing Social and Emotional Learning skills
and IT and GDA (General Duty Assistant) nursing Skill training support to youth in the age group
of 18 years to 30 years. They will be trained in 21st-century skills which help them to build a
promising career in IT and Health Care Sector.
Lakshya is narrowing down the skills gap and catering to school dropouts and students pursuing
graduation from non-regular college coming from lower socio-economic backgrounds are the
focus area of the program.
The uniqueness of our program:
1. Industry Visits and exposures
2. Certified and accredited courses
3. Personality Development Workshops
4. Intensive experiential training
5. Placement Support (More than 70% placement in each batch)

Our students from previous batches are placed in different sectors with reputed companies like
1. Duronto Technologies- Noida
2. Gaindamull Hemraj Financial Services- Delhi
3. BLK Hospital- Delhi
4. MAX super speciality hospital- Delhi
5. Haldirams
6. Bata India
7. Burger King
8. Delhi Police
9. Uniqlo


IT Courses:
• Certificate Course in IT for Beginners (CCIB)
• DTP (Certificate Program in Desktop Publishing)
• Certificate Course in Digital Literacy

GDA (General Duty Assistant) Course:
• Basic human anatomy & physiology
• Understanding hospitals & the healthcare system
• Caring for the visually impaired
• Basic nursing skills
• Disposal of medical waste
• Understanding body mechanics
• Fall prevention care and restraints
• General health & hygiene
• Special skin care for radiotherapy and pressure sores
• Role of a patient care assistant
• Administering drugs as per prescriptions
• Daily care of a patient
• Patient handling, lifting, and transferring
• Emergency first aid and CPR

After completing my 4-month CCAB (Certified Course in Advance Basic) from Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti I got the job opportunity at Integrated Data Management Company. The course was very relevant to my job and helped me in the most aspects of my work. I am very thankful to the mentors and staff members; they worked on me every time and helped me to get success in my life.​
Jitesh Bakoila​
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