We are 12A & 80G Certified NGO.


One of our core values is collaboration because we believe that together we can achieve much more! We believe we are able to make a huge difference in communities we serve through the dedicated efforts of our staff and volunteers. Volunteers are an essential part of Lakshya and we would not be where we are today without their unconditional support!

Volunteer opportunities with Lakshya are available in different areas, from teaching a class, leading an extracurricular activity, supporting in fundraising events, guest lectures to supporting our office team in administrative tasks.

For as little as few hours a week, you can make a difference in the lives of underprivileged masses. Please fill in the volunteer form given below to enable us to identify a volunteer opportunity that best matches your interest, skills and time. If you are unable to access the volunteer form, do write to us at [email protected]



“Lakshya creates an environment which beliefs in open communication and overall personality development of each and every intern!”
Being his first internship, the three things Suyash aimed to improve here was to become more structured in his daily routine, an opportunity to network and build more connections, and to understand how a nonprofit operates, especially during these hard times!
By the end of three months, we can definitely say that he has achieved way more than he hoped for!
He slowly began to inculcate the qualities which a leader must display to undertake more socially responsible actions and bring about positive changes in our society. He was an active member of the student management team where he interacted with various families and tried to motivate children to attend the Chalo Padhe Online program and enquired about their ration requirements.
Along with improving enrolment rates, Suyash also lent a helping hand as a fundraising and COVID relief volunteer. Well, his role doesn’t end there! He also got to explore the teaching circle as well!
He spent his initial days of Lakshya observing classes, to slowly going the extra step by teaching children interesting topics during small intervals between each class, to finally engaging in weekly fun and engaging scholastic activities with the children of the Chalo Padhe Online program which also ensured they learn something constructive at the end of the day!
He thoroughly enjoyed the thought process that went through preparing content for each class with the student management team, and it also helped him achieve his objective of maintaining beautiful bonds with his teammates! Along with his team, he was always a good friend to interns of other departments as well!
Whenever in doubt, he remembers the voice of his mentors of Lakshya and that guided him to the path of many right and brave decisions. The team of Lakshya will always remember the voice of this dedicated intern who always made it a point to give his all to support our cause